Indoor Softball Season 

We are currently inviting players and teams
to join our new Indoor Softball season!


We play Indoor Softball on Sundays

You can enter your own team, otherwise
you can slot in with an established team.

What is Indoor Softball?


A fast game where the aim is to score as
many runs as possible in a fixed time.
It includes the same skills used in outdoor
softball but has some interesting variations. 

If you are interested in maintaining and
developing your softball skills, participating
in a fast dynamic game or looking for a social,
friendly way to spend a Sunday this is the
game for you. 

                           Indoor Softball Rules 

We have modified the outdoor softball rules to suit indoor play and made it much faster and less restrictive. Please note that these are house rules created by management and are seperate to the rules of Outdoor softball. These rules are available in house also in hard copy form. 

- Teams are made up of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of ten players.  

- Played inside an enclosed court, the ball is live off the side nets and roof nets.

- There are no foul hits - every hit is fair and the batter and all other runners must run at least one base. There are no free home runs however. 

- Both teams have four turns at batting and four turns at fielding. Each such turn is for a fixed time of 5 minutes, regardless of how many outs are made.

- The fielding team is not allowed to delay the game. They must pitch the ball once the next batter is ready.

- This means the more batters you can push through in the 5 minutes, the more chances you have of scoring runs. The hectic pace produces a very aerobic workout.

- Indoor Softball is played as a mixed competition - a minimum of two females must play per team.


-  You can register as many players as you like and you can borrow players for the other teams any time your team is short.


- A minimum of 6 players MUST take the court to play. 


- All players will bat. 

- When a player is forced to run to the next base, you only have to touch the base with your foot with ball in hand. 

- A tag play only happens when the runner is not forced to run to the next base (takes a chance to gain a base).

- The fly ball can be caught off the nets which makes the batter out and the runner MUST return to their base and tag their base before running again. 

- Balls that are pitched ABOVE the head or ALONG the ground will allow the batter to "take a base," if there is a player on first base when this happens, they move to second and so on, this also allows a player on third to come home if another player is taking their base. 

- Enclosed footwear is required before entering the court.

- Gloves are optional but recommended, not mandatory. 

- You can use your own glove and bat if you wish but gloves, bat and special softballs are supplied as needed by the centre. 

- Players and teams are reminded that this is a social game with no umpires and all calls are on an honesty system. 

- Any rude, un-sportsmanship like conduct will not be tolerated and players that choose to use this behaviour will be asked to leave the court or the centre if the behaviour continues.

- All teams and players are reminded that Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre is a family friendly and orientated space where young children come to learn and play and negative behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Softball Fixtures 

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