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We are starting our first ever season of Fast 5 Netball. We are taking nominations now for our Winter Season.

New Rules for 2018. Please note, these are house rules that are decided by management. 

* All forfeits attract a forfeit fee. Teams may pay a full forfeit fee of $40. This is as of the new season of 2018. 

* At Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre,  we understand that not all players can play in identical uniforms. 

We do not enforce social rules of identical uniforms but do ask that a similar 'team colour' be worn to help distinguish between team players. While playing Indoor Netball, bibs must be worn by all players and are available at the centre for hire or to be bought. See a staff member for these behind the canteen. As of 2018, skirts for ladies is no longer enforced. They are encouraged but not enforced. 

* We play on most public holidays. Any that we are closed will be posted on the website, our Facebook page and verbally to players. Teams that forfeit on a day that falls on a Public Holiday will still acquire a forfeit fee. 

* There is only one division. Teams play twice per night. 


* Players can register on multiple teams.

*We close over Christmas for 2 weeks.

The Different Rules of Fast 5 Netball  

For those who have never played before, the differences of Fast 5 Netball are: 

  • 5 players on the court at a time - teams play without a WA and WD

  • Teams may consist of no more than 3 males on the court at a time.
    Minimum of 1 to be a mixed team. 

  • Teams can have up to 10 players on their team per game. 

  • Each quarter lasts for 6 minutes. 

  • The aim is to get the ball from the centre to the Goal Attack or Goal Shooter to score a goal.

  • The GS and GA can both shoot from inside the goal circle for one point, the GS
    and GA can shoot from outside the goal circle for 2 points. The C can only shoot from behind
    the black line for 3 points. 

  • Where each player can run is different. See image to right. 

  • Players landed foot determines point value.

  • A centre pass starts the quarter but play continues after  each goal is shot, for example GS
    shoots and scores and then the defending GK/GD takes the ball and passes it back up. The
    ball can be intercepted and taken back to the goal straight away. 

  • There are rules that prevent players from contacting, stepping or obstructing. 

  • Teams get extra "points" by getting the most goals per quarter. 

  • Players are encouraged to wear a matching uniform with closed in shoes and nails trimmed
    or covered and piercing covered. Team bibs are to be worn and can be borrowed or
    bought from the Indoor Centre.

  • Matches last 30 minutes and are umpired by official staff.  

Players play at their own risk - we recommend players obtain personal injury insurance

As we are now using a new system, this is linked to the link below. This will be updated each week with the draw and after each game with results and standings.

Current Week Fixtures

Results and Standings