Captains please note: 

* We play on most public holidays however we will close for two weeks over the Christmas period.

* It is the captains’ responsibility to ensure game fees are paid & are up to date.

* It is only the captain who can approach an umpire for clarification of a rule or call; this is to be done at an appropriate time during the game.  No abuse towards umpires, staff or other players will be tolerated.

* All forfeits attract a forfeit fee.

Teams who forfeit and give less than 24 hours notice of their game are charged $60.00. Teams who give more than 24 hours notice are charged a half game fee of $30.00.

Current Season Nomination Form 

You've seen the movie, now come and play the real thing!

Players play at their own risk.

We recommend players obtain

personal injury insurance 

Dodgeball at Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre is a fun and safe way to get into the sport. The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them "OUT". This may be done by:

  • * Hitting an opposing player with a
    LIVE thrown ball below the shoulders.


  • * Catching a LIVE ball thrown by your
    opponent before it touches the ground